Victims of Their Own Success : US Women Soccer Superstars

With the impending retirement of long-time veterans Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, and Joy Fawcett from the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, I often find myself thinking how fortunate my family has been to witness their heroics on the field and their positive influence off of this.

However, the previous match we watched in individual stands out as a very different experience in the very first game we watched almost nine decades back. I attended a football game between Brazil and the United States Women’s National Team at New Orleans together with my daughter, last summer. It was a fantastic game with loads of activity on a gorgeous, sunny day, along with the U.S. Team won onto a Tiffeny Milbrett purpose in the 90th minute.

For Leah and I, it was a fantastic experience. It was a lovely “daddy and daughter” 42-hour excursion from our house in St. Petersburg, Florida to New Orleans and back again. We talked, we laughed, and we all listened to the songs of each other for 1393 miles in the vehicle and every one of those 20 hours. We visited Bourbon Street during the also the Cafe du Monde along with night for breakfast.

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